Friday, August 5, 2011

"Life Sucks " Thats a wrong word

Some people when they are in a bad moon they usually say : Life sucks ! God doesnt love me.
Thats a wrong word ! God loves you.. because HE gave you a family.. Some children are alone without parents.
God gave you food. Some people have no food and they die .
God gave you the life , and you have to manage it right . What I mean ?!?
You have to love your family , your brothers , your friends and your enemys.
Every night you have to pray to The God and whispering those words : "Thank you Father. Thank you for giving me food , health , family and friends . Please get me to the road of heaven life . I want to follow you. I want to be your friend . I love you God . "
Say those words every single night and believe me.. you will find the road of heaven ...

Dimitris Lambrou .

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  1. Actually there isn't god...But life continue to not suck. :P