Saturday, August 6, 2011

Interview with a Pc "Maniac "

-Hello ! How is your name ?
-My name is John Brithan
- How old are you John ?
-Im 24 years old .
-Whats your favourite activities ?
-I love playing on my pc
- How many hours do you stay on your pc ?
-Umm.. 19 hours.. sometimes 23... if I cant sleep you know..
- How many hours do you sleep ?
- 10-12 ...
- Why you stay so many hours at your pc ?
- I like it.. you know pc gives me everything.. I dont need anything else.. only my pc ...
-What do you mean ?
- Pc has everything.. I have Facebook.. and there I got friends.. and Im chatting.. I dont need books.. I have wikipedia.. I dont need a TV .. I have streams.. youtube... I also dont need a girlfriend.. I dont want a realetionship.. I prefer watching porn movies.. Pc  has also online games like .. call of duty.. league of legends.. WOW...
- Do you go out with your friends?
- I prefer to stay at facebook and chating...
- Do you go out.. ?
- Yeah just for shop something to eat... mac donalds.. hot dogs.. chinese food...
- Do you have a job ?
- Yeah I work at a Blogstpot and I earn some money ...

That was an interview..  dont be like him.. life is good... go out .. play with your friends and dont stay on your computer all day...

Dimitris Lambrou.

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