Sunday, August 7, 2011

A beatifull story about : "beauty"

One day a tall , fine girl with blue eyes and blond hair was sitting on the bench . Suddenly a fat girl with black hair and brown eyes asked her : Can I sit near you ?
The girl said : No !.. The other day this girl was sitting on the bench again.. the fat girl came again and asked : Can I please sit near you ? The girl said again : Noo..! The fat girl asked :Why ? Why I cant sit ?
The other girl said : Im waiting my friends.. and you know.. your ugly and I dont want my friends see me sitting with you..
The fat girl said : Why Im ugly ?! The girl said : You are fat.. skinny like milk... and I dont like you ..Im much more beatifull than you...
The other girl said : No one is ugly... we are beatifull because we are different.. maybe you think Im ugly but.. some people may not think that.. It doesn matter if you are fat.. and short... it matters how you feel inside you.. if you have a clear soul is clear.. then you feel beatifull.. Let me ask you somethink.. does your friends have seen you without all these make ups and lipgloss?
The girl said : Umm no why ? But i feel beatifull anyway..
The other girl said : Ok lets do something.. tomorrow.. go outside with your friends without all these makeups ok ? You said you feel beatifull .. do it then..
Ok.. the girl said ..! The next day the fat girl was walking and she suddenly saw the other girl crying.. she came near her and asked her : Hey why are you crying ? "Because my friends told me ugly and they left me..
But you feel beatifull right ? - Yes I do girl said...
You see ? You were buling me because Im ugly but I feel beatifull.. well that happened and to you
It doesnt matter what the other people think.. It matterts HOW YOU FEEL

- Dimitris Lambrou

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